The Forgotten Cult Classic: Toxic Zombies Rises from Obscurity

Toxic Zombies

The late 1970s marked the explosion of low-budget zombie horror films following in the footsteps of George A. Romero’s seminal Night of the Living Dead. Obscure b-movies like Toxic Zombies delivered over-the-top campy zombie scares and gore on miniscule budgets. Long forgotten and overlooked, Toxic Zombies has experienced a resurgence as an amusing cult classic for fans of retro grindhouse horror. Released in 1979, Toxic Zombies was the brainchild of director Charles McCrann. McCrann helmed … Read The Full Article

3 Zombie Films That Are Way Underrated

Zombie Movies

It would be dishonest to say that zombies have not been the focus of media attention at some point; there have been countless movies, comics, television shows, novels, and even real-world events like Zombie Walks.  To say that zombies have not been the focus of media attention at some point would be dishonest. Movies about zombies are a cinematic mainstay that are loved and hated in equal measure. Some people even enjoy watching them. Despite … Read The Full Article

Stream Return of the Living Dead 1985 Free

Return of the Living Dead Ultra HD Free Stream

Here is yet another mass infection/pandemic type film, enter Return of the Living Dead a classic horror zombie movie where a worker at a military supply depot releases a biological weapon that brings the dead back to life creating hordes of zombies. If you enjoy the classic night of the living dead, dawn of the dead and day of the dead then you will enjoy the Return of the Living Dead it is a three … Read The Full Article

Stream The Walking Dead for free on AMC

walking dead season 10 stream for free now on amc

The team over at AMC have set the first half season of the walking dead to be streamed to your device for free much like other services which have done the same during the covid-19 pandemic. So while your locked inside for the next bit it’s a great time to stream The Walking Dead completely free on the official AMC website. We will continue to keep you posted on any free horror streaming that may … Read The Full Article

28 weeks later the follow up to 28 days later.

28 Weeks Later epic movie poster for the rage virus film followup

It has been 28 weeks since the events depicted in the 28 days later movie, hold on to your seat and get ready because the rage virus still lives and nothing is what it seems. Enter 28 Weeks Later The US Military has seized control of the greater UK and is working to rebuild and sanitize the rage virus which had virtually wiped out the majority of UK citizens. While 28 weeks later is not … Read The Full Article

Dawn of the Dead 1978 Lockdown Movie of the Day

Dawn of the Dead 1978 HD Film

George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead 1978 is in our opinion one of the single best zombie films ever created, it has a huge emphasis on survival and how people will come together in times of crisis. It also shows how the world is a very commercial place full of consumerism and that people can not go on without items from shopping malls (haha, had to say it). Much like the crisis we are in … Read The Full Article