Stephen King’s Ask for Longer Version of THE TOMMYKNOCKERS

Tommy Knockers Movie Cover

Recently Stephen King has stated that the extremely long three hour 1993 TV adaptation of his 1987 science-fiction novel The Tommyknockers should have been much longer. King tells NYTimes: “I didn’t like it; I didn’t care for it at all. [Jimmy Smits] is a fine actor [but] he had to give a bunch of pretentious, portentous lines.[And it] … Read more

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Julia Marchese is a Stephen King Dollar Baby Program Selectee, and She Wants Your Help Making This Dream A Reality!

Oct. 18th, 2020 Filmmaker Julia Marchese is on a quest to make a film based on Stephen King’s short story “I Now What You Need”. This film will be a part of Stephen King’s Dollar Baby program. The program gives filmmakers an opportunity to obtain adaptation rights for the price of $1.00 to choose from … Read more

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Interview With The Author: David Sodergren

Recently HorrorFacts had the amazing opportunity to sit down with horror author David Sodergren, and his fantastic pug Boris. Join us as we discuss his oeuvre, his inspirations and his upcoming works. Quick path down memory lane first. I first became familiar with his work when I got back into reading. I purchased The Forgotten … Read more

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No Gary Sinise? Stephen King’s THE STAND Coming This Winter

Yeah, you read the title right. NO GARY SINISE. How dare they? Stephen King’s dark fantasy novel The Stand will be receiving another adaptation this year set for streaming on CBS All Access. Of course it’s streaming on a one-off streaming service because why wouldn’t it. Right? Anyways here’s the trailer: The Stand is described … Read more

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Stephen King Wants to write a book about Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th Stephen King

The unthinkable, unfathomable has happened legendary writer Stephen King has stated on his Twitter account that he would love nothing more than than to write a book in the form of first person about Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th Franchise. He wrote: “The best novel idea I never wrote (and probably never will) … Read more

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Firestarter remake is set to start filming

Firestarter Blumhouse Remake 2021

Earlier this year we heard about the upcoming remake of Firestarter the classic Stephen King novel turned to a classic horror film. The screenwriter Scott Teems told movieweb today that they would like to start filming the remake this year, which is set to be released by Blumhouse. We are excited for the new remake … Read more

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