Stephen King Stops Dollar Baby Program

Stephen King

The End of An Era: Stephen King Discontinues His Iconic Dollar Baby Program After 4 Decades of Fostering Aspiring Talent A long and storied chapter in horror icon Stephen King’s profound influence on aspiring filmmakers has officially drawn to its bittersweet end after over 40 remarkable years. This week brought the unfortunate announcement that King’s Dollar Baby program – the symbiotic licensing initiative granting young directors the rights to adapt his short stories for just … Read The Full Article

The Boogeyman Arrives But Stumbles in Execution

The Boogeyman

While The Boogeyman features anchoring performances and polished production qualities, its heavy reliance on horror tropes and logical inconsistencies undercut its attempts at crafting a nuanced portrait of grief or truly unsettling suspense. Director Rob Savage establishes the promising vision of a monster metaphor for grief and loss, but stumbles in executing that vision cohesively. In adapting Stephen King’s ambiguous short story into a literal monster movie, the screenwriters have fundamentally weakened the tale’s effect. … Read The Full Article

My First Frights: Stephen King’s It and Facing Your Fears

My First Frights: Stephen King’s It and Facing Your Fears

Stephen King. His name conjures up many images: snarling rabid dogs, vampires feasting upon the citizens of a small Maine town, a walkin’ dude. For me, the name Stephen King makes me think of a creature in the guise of a killer clown and the seven children who fought against it. Let’s take a trip down to the sewers of Derry, Maine and relive the horrors of the miniseries of Stephen King’s It. A bit … Read The Full Article

The trailer for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman coming this weekend.

Stephen King

The trailer for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman is set to drop this coming weekend. The Boogeyman, an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King, now has a release date of June 2, 2023. The announcement was made last week. It was originally planned for the movie to have its premiere on the Hulu streaming service; however, the response it received during a test screening was so encouraging that it was decided to release it in … Read The Full Article

Sam Raimi has shown an interest in adapting a Stephen King novel for a theatrical release.

It’s no secret that Sam Raimi, director of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, has expressed a desire to adapt a Stephen King novel for the big screen. ( Sam also just endorsed Evil Dead Rise, giving it his seal of approval.) Raimi said to CinemaBlend that he would love to direct a film based on Stephen King’s works. One of his favorite books to adapt was The Stand by Stephen King, which he noted … Read The Full Article

THE BOOGEYMAN Filming Has Started


After their father, a psychotherapist, has an encounter with a desperate patient at their house, a 16-year-old girl and her younger sister, still suffering from the murder of their mother, are targeted by a supernatural boogeyman, this is the official plot outline for the upcoming Stephen King film adaptation the Boogeyman. Cast and crew have signed on and the movie has been reported to have started filming according to reports from deadline. The most recent … Read The Full Article


The Boogeyman, Stephen King’s short story first published nearly fifty years ago, is finally being adapted into a live-action film. Boogeyman will premiere on Hulu as an original film. In one of the film’s leading roles, Sophie Thatcher has been cast. Horror Facts had reported back in November that the project was still happening you can read about that here. Originally, King told the story of a man visiting a psychiatrist and recounting how he … Read The Full Article


Firestarter Blumhouse Remake

According to, this week the film received an R rating, specifically for “violent content”-for its remake of Stephen King’s classic 1980 novel. Director Keith Thomas and screenwriter Scott Teems of Blumhouse Productions and Universal Studios’ movie will tell the story of a girl with pyrokinetic powers (who can make things burst into flames), who is pursuing a secret government agency bent on using her abilities for evil. As Charlie McGee, Ryan Kiera Armstrong is … Read The Full Article

‘The Boogeyman’ Is Still Happening

 It appears a new film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story ‘The Boogeyman’ is still happening. The project was originally set to be produced by Twentieth Century Fox and 21 Laps Entertainment but will instead be heading to Hulu, with Rob Savage (Host) now attached to direct. ‘The Boogeyman’ was first announced in 2018, with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods originally attached to write and direct the film. Little detail was revealed about the status … Read The Full Article

Recent ‘Salem’s Lot’ Casting Announcements

New Line Cinema’s planned remake of Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’ appears to be finally coming together, as there have been a number of recent casting announcements in the past couple of weeks. Stepping into the role of Ben Mears will be Lewis Pullman (The Strangers: Prey at Night) Mear’s is an author and the lead protagonist of King’s story, who returns home to Jerusalem’s Lot (Salem’s Lot for short) after twenty-five years, with the intention … Read The Full Article

Stephen King’s Ask for Longer Version of THE TOMMYKNOCKERS

Tommy Knockers Movie Cover

Recently Stephen King has stated that the extremely long three hour 1993 TV adaptation of his 1987 science-fiction novel The Tommyknockers should have been much longer. King tells NYTimes: “I didn’t like it; I didn’t care for it at all. [Jimmy Smits] is a fine actor [but] he had to give a bunch of pretentious, portentous lines.[And it] should have been much longer. It felt kind of cheap and thrown together.I felt like they missed the sense of … Read The Full Article

Julia Marchese is a Stephen King Dollar Baby Program Selectee, and She Wants Your Help Making This Dream A Reality!

Oct. 18th, 2020 Filmmaker Julia Marchese is on a quest to make a film based on Stephen King’s short story “I Now What You Need”. This film will be a part of Stephen King’s Dollar Baby program. The program gives filmmakers an opportunity to obtain adaptation rights for the price of $1.00 to choose from a list of select Stephen King titles and adapt it to create their own short film. This is understandably a … Read The Full Article

Stephen King Wants to write a book about Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th Stephen King

The unthinkable, unfathomable has happened legendary writer Stephen King has stated on his Twitter account that he would love nothing more than than to write a book in the form of first person about Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th Franchise. He wrote: “The best novel idea I never wrote (and probably never will) is I JASON, the first-person narrative of Jason Voorhees, and his hellish fate: killed over and over again at Camp … Read The Full Article

Firestarter remake is set to start filming

Firestarter Blumhouse Remake 2021

Earlier this year we heard about the upcoming remake of Firestarter the classic Stephen King novel turned to a classic horror film. The screenwriter Scott Teems told movieweb today that they would like to start filming the remake this year, which is set to be released by Blumhouse. I’m still the writer. We just got a new director named Keith Thomas and he made a great film called The Vigil coming up this year, and … Read The Full Article