Who Would Win Between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees

The Ultimate Slasher Showdown – Analyzing Who Would Win Between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees

Among horror’s roster of iconic slashers, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees undoubtedly stand as two of the most indestructible forces of evil ever depicted on screen. Both killers have terrified audiences in decades of films … Read The Full Article

Pillow Party Massacre

My Bloody Sleepover: A Review of Pillow Party Massacre

Horror hounds, get ready to relive the gory glory days of 80s slashers – Calvin Morie McCarthy’s indie screamfest Pillow Party Massacre aims to be a blood-soaked trip down memory lane. This 2023 release centers … Read The Full Article

Friday the 13th 4K remaster on limited edition steel book

Friday the 13th Slashes Its Way to 4K With New Steelbook Release

The original 1980 slasher classic Friday the 13th is getting an upgrade with a brand new 4K Ultra HD steelbook edition coming October 10th, just in time for a fitting Friday the 13th release date. … Read The Full Article

Victor Miller Wins

The ‘Friday the 13th’ screenwriter Victor Miller has won his legal battle, regaining domestic equity

Great news for the Friday the 13th Screenwriter Victor Miller who just won his legal battle for Friday the 13th franchise rights. Though Miller’s claim was upheld, the franchise’s fate remains uncertain. Defeated by the … Read The Full Article