Pillow Party Massacre

My Bloody Sleepover: A Review of Pillow Party Massacre

Horror hounds, get ready to relive the gory glory days of 80s slashers – Calvin Morie McCarthy’s indie screamfest Pillow Party Massacre aims to be a blood-soaked trip down memory lane. This 2023 release centers on a group of college BFFs having a reunion sleepover, but their nostalgic bonding quickly …

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Beyond the Hockey Mask the Story of Jason

Beyond the Hockey Mask: Jason Voorhees

Beyond the Hockey Mask The Story of Jason Voorhees and his enduring legacy Jason Voorhees is one of the most well-known and long-lasting characters in horror film history. First appearing in Friday the 13th in 1980, Jason has been featured in numerous sequels, spin-offs, and imitations. The original Friday the …

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Never Hike Alone 2

Never Hike Alone 2: A Friday the 13th Fan Film

Never Hike Alone 2: A Friday the 13th Fan Film is a sequel to the film Never Hike Alone that is currently seeking crowd funding over on their Indiegogo page. NEVER HIKE ALONE 2 is a feature-length sequel to the Never Hike Alone Fan Film saga, and it is the …

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Friday the 13th Producer Files Lawsuit Over 2009 Reboot

It was originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter that ‘Friday the 13th’ director and producer Sean S. Cunningham had filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. over lost profits from the horror franchise. Thanks to Copyright, Trademark & Entertainment Attorney, Larry Zerner, we have learned that the lawsuit …

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