Bitchin’ Nightmares Ahead: Groovy New Elm Street Sequel Resurrects Freddy

Freddy Kruger

Well tickle my terror, fiends! Sharpen your finger knives and rouse your screamin’ demons, because that slice n’ dice dream weaver Freddy Krueger rises again in a totally tubular new sequel, my creepsters! Let’s unpack this prime slice of Elm Street news. While those sorry Universal hacks left Dead By Daylight fans hanging with no new Freddy content, some heroic horror hipsters are summoning the Springwood Slasher themselves. A fresh indie nightmare called Dylan’s New … Read The Full Article

Drop Dead Films Releases First Look at Otto the Clown from ‘Charlie Shaw’s Revenge’

Drop Dead Films Ltd recently completed principal photography on their latest horror film ‘Charlie Shaw’s Revenge.’ To celebrate, the Eastbourne-based film company released the first official image of the character Otto the Clown, played by James Payton (‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,’ ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’). Intriguing Cast and Upcoming Film Details Teased As we previously reported in our initial article, Director John Langridge gathered an intriguing cast for the film, … Read The Full Article

Upcoming Horror Short Film ‘The Doll’ Set for Release in 2023 

The Doll

The Doll is an upcoming 8-minute horror short film set to be released publicly in November 2023. The film recently screened at the Leeds Horror Film Festival on May 13th and the Wolverhampton Film Festival from May 26th to 28th. Written and directed by Thomas Elliott Griffiths, The Doll tells the story of a woman who is led down a dark path after befriending an old possessed doll. Griffiths aimed to create an unsettling horror … Read The Full Article

Award-Winning Author Blake Best is Reimagining Freddy Krueger’s Backstory in New Horror Film

Blakes Krazy Nightmare

Blake Best, the renowned horror author and musician, is working on a film that aims to explore the disturbing untold backstory of the iconic ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ villain Freddy Krueger. The film titled ‘Blake’s Krazy Nightmare’ is being produced by Darkhouse Entertainment, a horror production company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Best is well known for writing ‘Razor’s Edge,’ a novel that reimagines Freddy Krueger’s sinister origin story. The idea for the film came about … Read The Full Article

Shepka Productions New Horror Film The Baby in the Basket

The Baby in the Basket

Shepka Productions, the independent film production company, has announced an exciting new collaboration with writer and producer Tom Jolliffe, for their upcoming film project entitled “The Baby in the Basket.” The Gothic horror tale is set in the 1940s and will be directed by Nathan Shepka, from a script by Tom Jolliffe. The film is set to star several up and coming British actresses, including Amber Doig-Thorne, Michaela Longden, Elle O’Hara, and Chrissie Wunna. Shooting … Read The Full Article

Vampire Zombies… from Space!

Vampire Zombies... from Space!

The horror and sci-fi satire “Vampire Zombies…From Space!” is making waves with its star-studded cast. The filmmaking team has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the project and continue adding to their talent roster. If you’re a fan of Mel Brooks, Ed Wood, and South Park, this movie is right up your alley. “Vampire Zombies…From Space!” is a raunchy comedy feature that pays homage to and satirizes science fiction and horror films from the past. … Read The Full Article

Leggo My Soul, Award Winning Horror Comedy Reviewed.

Leggo My Soul

Do you enjoy horror films with a comic twist? Have you ever pondered what it would be like if a horror film paid homage to the classic “Child’s Play,” but in a funny way? Look no further than “Leggo My Soul,” a horror-comedy that will have you screaming and laughing at the same time. The film portrays the narrative of an occultist serial killer who mistakenly transfers his soul into a kitchen gadget, a waffle … Read The Full Article

New Indie Horror Movie Night of the Axe

Night of the Axe

You can see a brand new independent horror movie that has been making the rounds on the internet for only two dollars if you stream it. The writer and director Shawn Wright is ecstatic to share the news that his debut feature film, NIGHT OF THE AXE, which was adapted from a short film of the same name, has finally been made available to the public. Night of the Axe is a slasher movie in … Read The Full Article

Sally’s Lullaby Review

Sally’s Lullaby

Jonathan Cook wrote and directed Sally’s Lullaby, which is a horror movie with a funny take on the “monster stalking its prey” genre. The movie also has a lot of great gore and interesting camera work. The synopsis for Sally’s Lullaby goes something like this. A monster is hiding in Sally’s closet, and her parents are going to work together with her to get rid of it. Opening with a simple shot of a child … Read The Full Article

When They Come Film Review

Continuing with our coverage of HorrOrigins 2022 Film Festival, we at Horror Facts got the opportunity to watch When They Come, a short film about the horrors of unrequited love. When They Come opens on Vanessa as she receives a phone call from a friend informing her that Dmitri, a guy she had gone out with on a couple of dates, recently took his own life. Initially taken aback by the news, Vanessa soon begins … Read The Full Article

Escape: A Ghost Story Review

Escape: A Ghost Story Review

The building is haunted by a malicious ghost, and the employees of an escape room need to push beyond their fears in order to solve a series of murderous puzzles that have been placed by the ghost. In the event that they are unable to comply, the disastrous consequences will be thrust upon them. The protagonist of the movie is a new employee in an escape room who is tasked with solving riddles before the … Read The Full Article

‘Eric’ Short Horror Film Review

Eric Movie Horror Short

The short horror film “Eric” being shown at HorrOrigins follows the story of a Pomeranian named Eric who may be anything other than a charming little puppy. As the short film unfolds, we begin to notice the dog Eric watching as if they were once human, and the owner also begins to behave in a very odd and obsessive manner toward the small dog. After the man in the movie asks to use the restroom, he … Read The Full Article

‘ Sucker ‘ A Short Horror Film Reviewed At HorrOrigins Film Festival

Sucker 2022 Horror Movie Short Film

Sucker is a twisted tale of interdependence, two sisters are set against each other by a big, repulsive leech monster with absolutely terrifying sequences.  The narrative of Sucker takes place in a world where leeches are feared and revered.  Sam learns that her sister Caitlin has been invaded by a monster, a giant leech thing that is slowly draining her of all of her life power. This creature utilizes its mind-controlling power to puppeteer them … Read The Full Article

‘The Microscope’ Short Film Review From HorrOrigins

The Microscope Short Horror Film 2022

HorrOrigins virtual festival just started moments ago. The first film on the venue in Block A of the festival is ‘The Microscope’ and our initial review on the short horror film is in. An eccentric microscopist is finally able to get his hands on some rare samples, but he never in a million years could have predicted what he’ll see when he looks through the lens… A scientist is concentrating intently beneath a microscope in … Read The Full Article

HorrOrigins 2022 Virtual Film Festival Arrives October 20th Tickets On Sale Now.

HorrOrigins Film Festival 2022

HorrOrigins horror film festival just finished up last week, but now the online virtual festival is starting so those not in the local area of the festival are able to view the latest and greatest entry’s in horror. Starting on Thursday October 20th, the festival will open its online doors. You can sign up right now to book your online virtual ticket over at BingeWave. These films will also be available to stream VOD from … Read The Full Article

New Indie Horror Film “The Pumpkin Man”.

The Pumpkin Man

A new indie horror film is coming soon titled “The Pumpkin Man”, It took seven years to complete this feature from a collection of shorts. We don’t really have much details on the scope of the film at this time but we were sent the trailer for press release by director Ryan Sheets which can be seen below. Cromwell is a town whose history is intertwined with that of a local legend; The Pumpkin Man. … Read The Full Article

The Mothman Tapes (2022) A New Found Footage Horror

The Mothman Tapes

THE MOTHMAN TAPES is a brand-new documentary style horror film that explores the 1987 demise of three best friends who set out on a road trip for Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in pursuit of the entity that already had tormented the region two decades prior. THE MOTHMAN TAPES comes from 1289 Films’ Jesse P. Pollack and Dan Jones, the critically acclaimed directors of 2021’s Satanic Panic-fueled true crime documentary, THE ACID KING. Wild Eye Releasing, … Read The Full Article

Psychic Vampire Trailer

Psychic Vampire

Check out the trailer for Psychic Vampire Michael falls into a cult that worships a video game, will he be able to level up? A boy in his early 20s (Bear Spiegel) is drawn into a cult that worships a video game, created by a mysterious man (Mr Lobo) who watches his life as if it’s a game of his own. The boy realizes he is being manipulated and robbed as the people around him … Read The Full Article