Sally’s Lullaby Review

Jonathan Cook wrote and directed Sally’s Lullaby, which is a horror movie with a funny take on the “monster stalking its prey” genre. The movie also has a lot of great gore and interesting camera work.

The synopsis for Sally’s Lullaby goes something like this. A monster is hiding in Sally’s closet, and her parents are going to work together with her to get rid of it.

Opening with a simple shot of a child in her bed, we are instantly transformed back into a frightened child once more, where our only disheartening concern was the mythical monster in the closet. Neon lights set the mood for a fun, if not too quick, journey through Sally and her parents’ adventure. 

Sally’s Lullaby

With a direct homage to the classic Goosebumps novel Stay Out of the Basement (you know the one, with the vile hand scratching the exterior of the door that fueled our nightmares for years), our monster proves that it is here to feast on the fears of our protagonist. Sally’s Lullaby is a journey full of heroic and horny parents, beautifully framed POV shots, and enough blood to satisfy any horror fan’s ravenous appetite. 

Author: Matt McCune

From the Horror Facts Editor: Sally’s Lullaby was screened by the Horror Facts team at the HorrOrigins 2022 Film Festival which is an annual event where only the best independent horror films are shown each year. You can read more about the short horror movie on IMDB.