The Microscope Short Horror Film 2022
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‘The Microscope’ Short Film Review From HorrOrigins

HorrOrigins virtual festival just started moments ago. The first film on the venue in Block A of the festival is ‘The Microscope’ and our initial review on the short horror film is in.

An eccentric microscopist is finally able to get his hands on some rare samples, but he never in a million years could have predicted what he’ll see when he looks through the lens…

A scientist is concentrating intently beneath a microscope in the entirety of the horror film The Microscope, which takes place exclusively in a research facility (duh). The facial acting is particularly important in this scene because, when the man looks away in shock at what he is seeing, it appears the sample he is looking at is full of tentacles, similar to what you would expect to find on the limbs of a squid. [Case in point:]

This is a blood-fueled, red on white horror short that is shot beautifully. The tentacles shoot upward into the scientist’s eye, which starts the gorefest. Scalpel into the eye is totally included here. He even takes a closer look at his own eye under the microscope. Absolutely revolting horror, and I absolutely adore it.

A genuine love of the horror genre is on full display in “The Microscope,” which also manages to keep you curious about “what the hell” is going on.

The Microscope was a great way to open the show with a bang even if it is 7:30AM.

Stay tuned to Horror Facts for continued coverage of the HorrOrigins 2022 film festival all weekend long.