Highly Anticipated ‘Terror Train’ Arrives on Tubi

A modern adaptation on the 1980 cult classic, TERROR TRAIN follows a small group of graduating college students on a party train that quickly unravels as a masked murderer wreaks havoc on the tracks.

Alana (Robyn Alomar) and a group of college seniors board a party train for a Halloween-themed bash, but their fun spirals into fear as attendees are killed off one by one by an unknown killer in this modern reimagining of TERROR TRAIN produced by Incendo. Eerie excitement is in the air as Alana (Robyn Alomar) and the group of college seniors board the party train for a Halloween-themed bash. Everyone is a possible suspect because they are all disguised and the situation is chaotic.

Alana is in a race against the clock to identify the murderer before she becomes the next victim as the party train continues to move at full speed ahead. Robyn Alomar (“Utopia Falls”) and Tim Rozon (“Schitt’s Creek”) are the two stars that will be taking the lead in the new cast. Graham Ludlow, Shari Segal, and Brook Peters are the executive producers of the remake, which was written by Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin (“Slasher”), directed by Philippe Gagnon (“Amber Alert), produced by Graham Ludlow and Kaleigh Kavanagh, and directed by Philippe Gagnon.

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