‘ Sucker ‘ A Short Horror Film Reviewed At HorrOrigins Film Festival

Sucker is a twisted tale of interdependence, two sisters are set against each other by a big, repulsive leech monster with absolutely terrifying sequences. 

The narrative of Sucker takes place in a world where leeches are feared and revered. 

Sam learns that her sister Caitlin has been invaded by a monster, a giant leech thing that is slowly draining her of all of her life power. This creature utilizes its mind-controlling power to puppeteer them from the inside out as the sister is hauled and thrown around the apartment where the sister just watches the hell unfold.

Sucker 2022 Parasite Movie

I’ve seen films about invasive parasites and other creatures getting inside people but honestly Sucker directed by Alix Austin offers a fresh take on the body invasion type horror with outstanding visuals, the whole short film is very enjoyable as a horror fan.

Caitlin is slowly dying as a result of this unholy union of the creature invading her body. Caitlin is hesitant to accept assistance, and the sisters argue amongst themselves on the best way to eliminate the parasite.

If Sucker were to be adapted into a feature length film with more than one person being affected by the invasive slug creatures I believe that it would be a box office success. I hope this one gets picked up by a big label because the film was excellent.

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You can watch the trailer to Sucker Below.

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