‘Eric’ Short Horror Film Review

The short horror film “Eric” being shown at HorrOrigins follows the story of a Pomeranian named Eric who may be anything other than a charming little puppy.

As the short film unfolds, we begin to notice the dog Eric watching as if they were once human, and the owner also begins to behave in a very odd and obsessive manner toward the small dog.

After the man in the movie asks to use the restroom, he starts to realize that the dog is following him, avidly even hunting him as Eric leads him to fall over after he exits the restroom. The dog apparently hunting him since the man in the movie asked to use the restroom.

Soon later, during the process of making love, the camera cuts to a shot of Eric sitting in a chair and observing them. This leads the whole scenario to stop with the women getting out of bed to attend to Eric.

Still from Eric Horror Short

It gets more scarier when the movie swiftly moves on to show the man coming back from the restroom to discover a book that includes drawings of all of the women’s suitors along with notes and pasted love letters or something along those lines. All of the drawn out pages have a comment at the bottom of the page that says ” Eric Disapproves,” giving the impression that the dog is giving the woman advice on who she should date.

In the first and only violent sequence in the movie, which takes place shortly after the discovery, Fluffy, also known as Eric, goes full Cujo and searches for the person who tore out his neck. Eric then hands the woman the thumb of the potential suitor, at which point the woman unlocks his phone and discovers him looking at pictures of other women. She then goes on to add another page to the novel describing Eric’s disdain of yet another potential suitor beyond this point in the narrative.

It can’t be denied that the movie had its own unique style; I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything else quite like it.

I’m not really sure what my thoughts are on Eric as a film. Everything about this scene was impressive, from the performance to the camera angles to the direction; it looked and felt great. My wife has a great deal of affection for our small dog, Zuri, and I can identify to the video in some ways due to the fact that I am the owner of a small dog. But let’s keep our fingers crossed that she doesn’t have a book like this insane girl has.

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