Swole Ghost Horror Short Review At HorrOrigins

HorrOrigins is a great place to view all sorts of Horror content including short films. This time we review ‘Swole Ghost’ Vicky and Jake are of the opinion that the house may be inhabited by a ghost. Maybe. Whatever it is, it is not strong enough to convey effectively. However, it’s possible that the only thing this presence needs is a little bit of exercise; perhaps it just needs to get…swole.

Swole Ghost follows a man who is hooked to working out and his wife (is it his wife) on a routine night at home. After returning from working out in the basement, the man climbs up the stairs to complete his workout when the power goes out.

The man inquires of his wife about a power outage. She answers with a smile and informs him that it is not the power but a ghost in the house, and she wishes to contact with the spirit to learn what it desires from the couple.

The couple does a seance, followed by a few additional rituals, only to discover that they do indeed have a ghost, but the ghost is so feeble that it can scarcely move an object.

This is where the picture becomes a genuine horror comedy, as they decide to put the spirit through a rigorous fitness routine. Allow the comedy to begin as the pair assists the ghost in developing superior core strength through a boot camp fitness plan.

Swole Ghost horror short still image

The ghost is finally “Buff as crap!” The pair rejoices in their achievement in assisting the spirit in becoming ripped and powerful. The woman then asks the ghost what they want, and it responds clearly. In the film’s closing scene, the ghost takes up a kitchen knife and throws it with tremendous power at the guy, killing him just before the titles begin to roll.

The short packed a lot of substance into its 8-minute timeframe and was a lot of fun to see. More horror comedy like Swole Ghost should be made, since the short was fun and left me wanting to see more.