Escape: A Ghost Story Review

The building is haunted by a malicious ghost, and the employees of an escape room need to push beyond their fears in order to solve a series of murderous puzzles that have been placed by the ghost. In the event that they are unable to comply, the disastrous consequences will be thrust upon them.

The protagonist of the movie is a new employee in an escape room who is tasked with solving riddles before the night is out. They won’t be able to leave the building until they have solved every one of the perilous puzzles that the spirit of the escape room has set up for them.

The new employee has expressed interest in quitting, but the regular staff appears to be enjoying themselves. The regular crew is accustomed to the manifestations and challenging problems that occur at closing time, so they don’t seem phased by these occurrences. On top of an ancient settler house was where the escape room was constructed. According to the legend, the building was destroyed by fire while the ladies were still trapped within. As a result, the spirit is said to return to the structure at each and every full moon.

Escape: A Ghost Story Screenshot

They are so used to being haunted by the spirit that it has become second nature to them, offering an undertone of dark comedy to the otherwise hellacious setup left for them on the haunting. The staff at the building handles the haunting in a very nonchalant manner; they are so used to being haunted by the spirit that it has become second nature to them.

After one of the workers in the escape room drinks from the wrong cup and ingests the poison that eventually kills her, the other employees are given a stern warning to avoid panicking and to think things through in order to make it through the night. The clock is winding down. Will the two surviving employees escape the building in one piece?

There is a box that brings to mind the hellraiser puzzle box with fatal repercussions; this is the last problem that has to be completed. After that, there would be a surprise turn of events that nobody would see coming!

I watched Escape: A Ghost Story at the HorrOrigins 2022 film festival which has its VOD version still running at the time of this post you should certainly check it out.

The movie Escape: A Ghost Story is a dedication to all of the aficionados of escape rooms that are out there, and it honestly provides the audience with a helping of horror and dark humor. It’s a scary yet entertaining little cinematic short.

Escape Room movies have been done before, but they usually drag on and have a lot of pointless filler content. Because Escape: A Ghost Story is only 12 minutes long, it is able to provide an excellent horror escape room experience without all of the filler content while also providing a decent back story.