New Indie Horror Movie Night of the Axe

Night of the Axe

You can see a brand new independent horror movie that has been making the rounds on the internet for only two dollars if you stream it.

The writer and director Shawn Wright is ecstatic to share the news that his debut feature film, NIGHT OF THE AXE, which was adapted from a short film of the same name, has finally been made available to the public. Night of the Axe is a slasher movie in the vein of those that were popular in the 1980s. This movie strives to capture the atmosphere of traditional slasher flicks as well as its appearance and feel. This movie is Shawn’s personal production, and he did it completely independently. He has high expectations that horror enthusiasts would like watching this movie. A large number of talented actors, including Angel Bradford, Lera Savannah, Kaci Frick, Justin Sisk, Shawn Mongold, Rick Jermain, and Nate Nelson, are featured in the movie. This movie features a fantastic ensemble of interesting and entertaining individuals. The plot of the movie is summarised as follows:

An escaped mental patient who is obsessed with gratifying his blood thirst terrorizes a bunch of young people who are attempting to enjoy themselves at their high school reunion party. The merciless murderer picks them off one at a time and kills them all in the end. Who will make it through THE NIGHT OF THE AXE unscathed? A classic horror film with lots of blood and gore, brought to you by Facemelt Features.

Check out the trailer below, or stream the movie right here

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