Small Town Monsters On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier

Small Town Monsters Begins the New Year with an Expedition to the World’s Edge in Search of Bigfoot: Last Frontier Available on Cable VOD and Digital HD beginning January 17 from 1091 Pictures.

Alaska may not seem like the best place to look for Bigfoot. The prey (in this scenario, a hairy, ape-like species) would fit well into the needle-in-a-haystack simile due to the extreme weather conditions, difficult terrain, and vast expanses of uninhabited country. Despite all its disadvantages, Alaska appears to be the home of the hairy hominid. Hundreds of eyewitness accounts, hundreds of interesting footprints, audio samples, and even video appear to indicate that the Sasquatch inhabits the region of the midnight sun.

Small Town Monsters On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier

Ohio’s Wadsworth— With On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier, Small Town Monsters explores the icy landscapes of the 49th state. The first 2023 Small Town Monsters documentary includes in-depth interviews with residents and a strong emphasis on the Indigenous peoples who originally inhabited the area. On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier intends to provide viewers with the most comprehensive examination of Alaskan Sasquatch mythos.

On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier will premiere on various streaming platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and FandangoNOW, on January 17, 2023.

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On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier was filmed in the Alaskan wilderness over the course of many months, concurrently with the future Small Town Monsters films Land of the Missing and Bigfoot: Beyond the Trail: Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch, all of which will be released in 2023. Each production will examine the legend of the snow-dwelling creatures from a unique perspective, providing the most thorough picture of the facts.

The supplied audio evidence includes disturbing recordings that appear to catch a baby sobbing in the lonely, coastal parts of Alaska, as well as countless howls, whoops, and other sounds. The sound of a newborn wailing is particularly unsettling because, according to Alaskan traditional folklore, Bigfoot employs this technique to entice its victims into the woods.