Upcoming Horror Short Film ‘The Doll’ Set for Release in 2023 

The Doll is an upcoming 8-minute horror short film set to be released publicly in November 2023. The film recently screened at the Leeds Horror Film Festival on May 13th and the Wolverhampton Film Festival from May 26th to 28th.

Written and directed by Thomas Elliott Griffiths, The Doll tells the story of a woman who is led down a dark path after befriending an old possessed doll. Griffiths aimed to create an unsettling horror experience with the short film, which was shot on a small budget over the course of two days in Liverpool, England.

“Thank you for considering our project to be reviewed by your site,” said Griffiths. “It’s an 8 minute horror short film that was shot with no budget and a small team of enthusiastic friends over the course of 2 days, it is also my first attempt at directing a story in the horror genre.”

Though the film has not been released widely yet, The Doll has already garnered positive reactions at horror film festivals. The creepy possessed doll at the center of the story is sure to unsettle audiences. Viewers can expect an eerie and chilling experience from this up-and-coming horror short.

The Doll aims to show what can be accomplished in the horror genre with limited resources but unlimited creativity. Director Thomas Elliott Griffiths and his small cast and crew have crafted a spooky short film that demonstrates the power of craft over budget. Horror fans should keep an eye out for the public release of The Doll in November 2023.