According to reports, the ‘Friday The 13th’ lawsuit has been settled, opening the door to new projects

Victor Miller Wins

As of 2009, the last installment of the Friday the 13th franchise had been released in theaters, but lawsuits from Victor Miller and Sean S. Cunningham prevented a new film from being made. To give you a brief overview, the dispute focuses on Miller having written the original 1980 Friday the 13th script, launching a slasher franchise that lasted for decades. The original screenwriter Victor Miller stands to win, says entertainment lawyer and Friday the … Read The Full Article

The ‘Friday the 13th’ screenwriter Victor Miller has won his legal battle, regaining domestic equity

Victor Miller Wins

Great news for the Friday the 13th Screenwriter Victor Miller who just won his legal battle for Friday the 13th franchise rights. Though Miller’s claim was upheld, the franchise’s fate remains uncertain. Defeated by the screenwriter and Horror Inc., Sean Cunningham lost his appeal in the case for the Friday The 13th franchise. Victor Miller Wins Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham saw a major development today in a lengthy legal battle. The original Friday the … Read The Full Article

Friday the 13th Producer Files Lawsuit Over 2009 Reboot

It was originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter that ‘Friday the 13th’ director and producer Sean S. Cunningham had filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. over lost profits from the horror franchise. Thanks to Copyright, Trademark & Entertainment Attorney, Larry Zerner, we have learned that the lawsuit only concerns profits related to the 2009 ‘Friday the 13th’ reboot and does not involve any of the other films in the franchise. In the … Read The Full Article