According to reports, the ‘Friday The 13th’ lawsuit has been settled, opening the door to new projects

As of 2009, the last installment of the Friday the 13th franchise had been released in theaters, but lawsuits from Victor Miller and Sean S. Cunningham prevented a new film from being made.

To give you a brief overview, the dispute focuses on Miller having written the original 1980 Friday the 13th script, launching a slasher franchise that lasted for decades.

The original screenwriter Victor Miller stands to win, says entertainment lawyer and Friday the 13th star Larry Zerner. The lawyer has gained a lot of popularity during this legal process. Why is that? Fans have been informed by him constantly about the legalese involving this case.

Victor Miller (in the USA) is now the official rights holder to the franchise, according to Zeerner.

Fans aren’t sure what this update means, but Jason’s friends may be glad to hear this. Larry Zerner’s updates suggest that we could start seeing a new official Friday/Jason project take shape any minute now.