Friday the 13th Video Game released in 1989 for the Nintendo entertainment system full 2023 review and guide to the game

The Friday the 13th Video Game: A Retro Horror Classic for NES Fans

In the history of horror video games, the Friday the 13th video game, which was released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is revered as a classic. This terrifying and suspenseful video game, which is based on a successful film series of the same name, brings the thrills and chills of the movies to the small screen. We’ll look at the game in depth, talking about how it works, how it looks, and how it sounds, as well as how it changed video games as a whole.

About the retro Friday the 13th Video Game

One of the earliest licensed video games to be adapted from a successful series of horror films, “Friday the 13th” was among the first of its kind. The video game was created by LJN, which also served as the game’s publisher, and it was made available for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the year 1989. The video game received positive feedback from followers of the film franchise and is regarded as a classic even to this day.

Gameplay footage from Friday the 13th for the nintendo 8 bit console

Unlock the secrets of survival and escape in the 1989 classic Friday the 13th video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Master the controls, find weapons, and work with other counselors to defeat the notorious Jason Voorhees.

The Friday the 13th video game features an original gameplay formula that combines elements of both survival horror and action-adventure. The players take control of a group of teenagers who are tasked with surviving the night at Camp Crystal Lake while being pursued by the notorious serial killer, Jason Voorhees. Players will have to do this while Jason Voorhees stalks them. In order to stay alive, players need to find weapons, figure out puzzles, and stay clear of the numerous traps that Jason has set up all over the camp.

Camp Crystal Lake, the location of the Friday the 13th film series, also serves as the backdrop for the video game based on the franchise. The player assumes control of a counselor who is attempting to make it through the night while being pursued by the infamous film antagonist Jason Voorhees. The game is broken up into multiple levels and stages, and in each one, the player must make their way through the camp while completing a variety of objectives, such as repairing a boat or contacting the authorities.

It is impossible to overstate how significant The Friday the 13th video game was for the development of the video game industry. When it first came out, there were not nearly as many horror-based video games on the market as there are now. The success of the video game based on the movie “Friday the 13th” helped establish the survival horror subgenre as a mainstay in the video game industry and paved the way for the creation of subsequent horror video games.

Amazing graphics for an 8-bit generation

The graphics in the Friday the 13th video game are straightforward but still manage to convey the horror effectively. Those individuals who have played the game when it was first made available will experience a sense of nostalgia as a result of the game’s use of 8-bit graphics, which are consistent with the era of gaming in which the game was released. The game’s simple graphics add to the feeling of tension and suspense by making it so that players never know what danger might be around the next corner.

Real gameplay footage from 1989 on the Nintendo 8-bit console showing Friday the 13th fighting Jason

The graphics of the game were also well received, receiving praise for their attention to detail in both the environments and the characters, which helped bring the camp to life. The game’s environments and characters both benefited from the impressive use of color and shading, which gave them a more three-dimensional appearance. The game also had excellent sound effects, including eerie music and realistic sound effects, both of which contributed to the overall ambiance of the experience.

One of the most notable aspects of the Friday the 13th video game is its sound design. The suspenseful music, creepy sound effects, and Jason’s characteristic breathing all contribute to the overall horror and tension of the game. The sound design is also extremely important in creating tension and keeping players on edge, making them jump at the slightest sound in the game.

The game was hard and had bugs

The Friday the 13th video game, on the other hand, has some issues that need to be fixed, but they never will at least not offically as patches for games on carts just don’t happen. The game has moments of tedium, and the controls aren’t always the most intuitive. Due to the game’s rudimentary visual and aural presentation, it is possible that it does not compare favorably to other horror video games that have been developed and published in recent years.

Even though it has some issues, the Friday the 13th video game is still considered an all-time great in the field of horror video games. It is impossible to deny the influence it had on the industry, and despite the passage of time, both the gameplay and sound design remain compelling. This game is an absolute requirement for anyone who is a fan of the Friday the 13th film series or horror video games in general.

Where can you play the Friday the 13th game for NES?

The official box art for the friday the 13th video game from nintendo in 1989

People who have never experienced the thrill of playing a horror video game should begin their journey with The Friday the 13th video game because it is an excellent introduction to the genre. The game can be played on the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as on a number of other platforms that are designed for playing classic video games.

Fans of the classic Friday the 13th video game can still play the game on their original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) consoles or through one of the many emulators available today. The game is also included on numerous classic game collections and compilations, such as the Nintendo Switch Online service, which can be purchased separately.

People who are interested in purchasing a physical copy of the game can do so on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, as well as in a variety of retail establishments that specialize in retro gaming. It is also possible to find the game at a variety of garage sales and thrift stores, making it an excellent choice for gamers who are concerned about their spending budgets.

A simple strategy guide to beating the Friday the 13th game for Nintendo

  1. Master the controls: Familiarize yourself with the controls and movements to effectively navigate the map and outrun Jason.
  2. Find and use weapons: Collect weapons such as a knife, a bat, and a machete to defend yourself from Jason. Use them wisely as they have limited durability.
  3. Locate the keys: Find the keys to unlock the cabins and escape from the camp.
  4. Use the map: Keep track of your progress on the map and use it to plan your escape route.
  5. Repair the telephone: Look for the telephone and repair it to call the police and escape the camp.
  6. Stay away from danger zones: Avoid areas such as the graveyard, the docks, and the swamp, as these are high-risk areas where Jason is more likely to appear.
  7. Keep an eye out for clues: Look for clues and items to unlock new areas and progress through the game.
  8. Work with other counselors: Work with other players to complete tasks and survive. Split up to gather items, but stick together to defend against Jason.
  9. Save your progress: Make sure to save your progress at save points throughout the game to avoid having to start over.
  10. Stay calm and focused: Avoid panic and stay focused on your goal to survive and escape the camp.

Fans of Horror should try this classic video game at least once.

In the history of horror video games, the Friday the 13th video game, which was released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is revered as a classic. Its distinctive combination of survival horror and action-adventure gameplay, in addition to its groundbreaking approach to sound design, set it apart from other games in the category. Fans of the Friday the 13th franchise as well as fans of horror video games should make it a point to play this game despite the fact that it contains a number of bugs and has had a significant influence on the video game industry.