New Friday the 13th in the works as Victor Miller wins lawsuit.

It seems that the original writer for Friday the 13th Victor Miller has won his court battles and that a new or rebooted version of the beloved movie is said to be in the works. It should also be noted that the same film studio Vertigo were responsible for the blockbuster remake of IT. With all things considered this is a win-win situation for fans of the Friday the 13th franchise.

Seeing that there has been no official Friday the 13th film since the remake in 2009 this is a dream in the making for fans of the film franchise.

Victor Miller wins round one of the Friday the 13th lawsuit! Sean will certainly appeal but this could put pressure on Sean to settle.

— Larry Zerner (@Zernerlaw) September 28, 2018

As of June 14th 2021, this case has still been in and out of the court room with various legal battles occurring on the intellectual property of Friday the 13th.