Friday the 13th Slashes Its Way to 4K With New Steelbook Release

The original 1980 slasher classic Friday the 13th is getting an upgrade with a brand new 4K Ultra HD steelbook edition coming October 10th, just in time for a fitting Friday the 13th release date.

This upgraded 4K steelbook from Paramount will allow fans to experience the terror of Camp Crystal Lake in sharper detail and more vivid color than ever before.

“Seeing Friday the 13th in 4K will be like watching it again for the first time,” said horror aficionado Mark Thomas. “All of Tom Savini’s gruesome effects will feel more visceral and lifelike in ultra high-def. This is a must-have for any true horror collector.”

The steelbook case features iconic new art from Waxwork Records’ vinyl release of the Friday the 13th score, along with a glossy slipcover boasting the original theatrical poster art.

Friday the 13th pioneered the slasher genre back in 1980, kicking off decades of sequels and cementing Jason Voorhees as one of horror’s most legendary icons. Directed by Sean S. Cunningham and written by Victor Miller, the film follows a group of camp counselors stalked and slain one-by-one at the cursed Camp Crystal Lake.

40 years later, the original Friday the 13th still stands out with its atmosphere of dread, Harry Manfredini’s chilling score, Tom Savini’s gruesome makeup effects, and Betsy Palmer’s demented turn as Mrs. Voorhees.

The 4K transfer promises even richer detail on the film’s iconic moments and groundbreaking gore. “Seeing those kills in 4K is going to be insane,” said mega-fan Jamie Lee. “I can’t wait to pre-order this!”

While the 4K steelbook hits shelves, new Friday the 13th projects loom on the horizon. Miller and Cunningham have been locked in a legal battle over the original film’s U.S. rights, with Miller recently emerging victorious.

Now Miller is teaming with Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller to develop a new Friday the 13th TV series, Crystal Lake, for A24 and Peacock. This fresh vision for the franchise promises to explore new dimensions of Jason’s haunting legacy.

The 4K steelbook release of the original Friday the 13th drops October 10th for the ultimate horror collector’s item. Relive the terror like never before!