My First Frights: Stephen King’s It and Facing Your Fears

My First Frights: Stephen King’s It and Facing Your Fears

Stephen King. His name conjures up many images: snarling rabid dogs, vampires feasting upon the citizens of a small Maine town, a walkin’ dude. For me, the name Stephen King makes me think of a creature in the guise of a killer clown and the seven children who fought against it. Let’s take a trip down to the sewers of Derry, Maine and relive the horrors of the miniseries of Stephen King’s It. A bit … Read The Full Article


Pennywise Toy 2022

Your favorite alien clown Pennywise from ‘IT’ is coming from Hot Toys, this figure is amazing and should belong to any serious toy collector. The movie-accurate Pennywise action figure is expertly crafted from Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of the infamous clown in IT Chapter Two, featuring two new head sculpts with remarkably accurate features and yellow eyes, including a smiling head sculpt and a fanged head sculpt revealing layers of pointed teeth, as well as a … Read The Full Article

Funko has IT: Chapter Two Mini Toys

Funko IT: Chapter 2

Stephen King’s IT: Chapter Two gets a new trailer tomorrow at Comic Con 2019, but ahead of this event we are now graced with a whole lineup of memorabilia and collectors items from Funko with an amazing IT lineup ranging from Skateboards to Key chains the selection is broad and collectible rating is very high to us horror movie fans. Enjoy the HD picture set.