The Boogeyman, Stephen King’s short story first published nearly fifty years ago, is finally being adapted into a live-action film. Boogeyman will premiere on Hulu as an original film. In one of the film’s leading roles, Sophie Thatcher has been cast.

Horror Facts had reported back in November that the project was still happening you can read about that here.

Originally, King told the story of a man visiting a psychiatrist and recounting how he lost both of his children to a sadistic presence called the Boogeyman. Taking place in New Orleans, the story follows a teenage girl who is reeling from the death of her mother and her brother, who are plagued by a black presence in their house, and their fight to get their father to notice…before it’s too late.

The Boogeyman will also star Chris Messina, as reported by Deadline. She has previously worked on HBO’s Sharp Objects, The Sinner season 3, Six Feet Under, Damages, The Newsroom, and The Mindy Project. Neither Messina nor Thatcher’s specific roles in The Boogeyman have been disclosed, but it is assumed that they will portray the father and daughter in this story.

Shawn Levy, the executive producer of Stranger Things and Shadow and Bone, is among the producers of The Boogeyman, which is directed by Rob Savage (Host, Dashcam). Several screenwriters have contributed to the film; Deadline reports “Mark Heyman has been writing the script after Scott Beck & Bryan Woods and Akela Cooper wrote the original drafts.” There is no release date yet.