‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Was Cancelled

I Know What You Did Last Summer has been canceled after only one season on Amazon Prime Video. It’s not much of a shock to those who actually watched the series.

In this eight-part series, the first four episodes were released on Oct. 15, with the remaining episodes following on a weekly basis afterward.

It was difficult for the series to generate any kind of excitement.  According to Rotten Tomatoes, the Amazon series averaged a score of 40% among critics and fans.  The majority of reviews state that the acting was good, but the story was lacking in excitement.

Sara Goodman adapted “I Know What You Did Last Summer” for television, which was produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television Studios, in conjunction with Atomic Monster Productions, Mandalay Television, and Original Film. Goodman, Moritz, Shetty, Guber, Wan, Clear, Macneill, McNeil, and Hatten are executive producers.

Never seen the show? Don’t worry it was not good, take one last look at the trailer below.

YouTube video

So the lesson here is don’t make a horror drama, and if you do it better be damn good.