Stephen King’s Ask for Longer Version of THE TOMMYKNOCKERS

Tommy Knockers Movie Cover

Recently Stephen King has stated that the extremely long three hour 1993 TV adaptation of his 1987 science-fiction novel The Tommyknockers should have been much longer.

King tells NYTimes: “I didn’t like it; I didn’t care for it at all. [Jimmy Smits] is a fine actor [but] he had to give a bunch of pretentious, portentous lines.[And it] should have been much longer. It felt kind of cheap and thrown together.I felt like they missed the sense of the book.”

What do you think? Are you down for a 4 to 5 hour long version of the film?


Tommy Knockers Fact

Stephen King is a former drug addict, and used it as a metaphor for the alien takeover in The Tommyknockers.

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