The trailer for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman coming this weekend.

The trailer for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman is set to drop this coming weekend.

The Boogeyman, an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King, now has a release date of June 2, 2023. The announcement was made last week. It was originally planned for the movie to have its premiere on the Hulu streaming service; however, the response it received during a test screening was so encouraging that it was decided to release it in cinemas instead. Now, King has taken to Twitter to announce the forthcoming release of the trailer, which will take place this coming Sunday, with its first broadcast on television set to coincide with the NFC championship game.

The Boogeyman was developed by Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps Entertainment. This is the same production company that created the hit show Stranger Things. Beck, Woods, and Emily Morris are all contributing to the production of the show in the role of executive producers. The movie has been granted the official rating of PG-13 because it contains some language that may be deemed excessively harsh, in addition to certain disturbing and violent themes.

The short story “The Boogeyman” by Stephen King came out for the first time in the March 1973 issue of Cavalier magazine. King wrote the piece himself. The main character of the story is a man by the name of Lester Billings. He is troubled by the memory of his three little sons, whom he thinks were taken by the Boogeyman.

The Boogeyman is the antagonist of the story. Lester goes to see a therapist in an effort to come to terms with his loss; however, in the end, he decides that the best way to deal with the Boogeyman is to do it in the safety and security of his own home. The story is brought to an end with Lester’s passing, and it is hinted throughout the telling that the Boogeyman may have been a manifestation of Lester’s own anguish over the deaths of his sons.

The narrative is remarkable for its examination of topics such as bereavement, guilt, and the fundamental nature of evil. Additionally, it is considered one of King’s early works and may be found in a number of King’s collections of short stories, such as “Night Shift” and “Just After Sunset.”

Chris Messina, Sophie Thatcher, Marin Ireland, Vivien Lyra Blair, Madison Hu, and David Dastmalchian are among the actors who appear in this movie.