Neve Campbell is Back for SCREAM 5!!!!!

YEAH YOU READ THAT RIGHT. NEVE CAMPBELL. SCREAM 5. Since David Arquette and Courtney Cox announced they were coming back for Scream 5 it has been a waiting game on whether or not one of the greatest final girls in history would come back or not. The rest of the cast is just as great … Read more

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[Trailer] Better Get The Mop, Kevin Smith’s KILLROY WAS HERE Is Gonna Be Bloody

Kevin Smith’s divisive oeuvre has spanned over a quarter of a century, and crossed through multiple genres. His earlier films have mainly been dramedies while his later films have been mainly horror (sans the Jay and Silent Bob reboot). He broke his genre mold with the political/religious satire Red State, which is a visceral no … Read more

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Stream The Walking Dead for free on AMC

walking dead season 10 stream for free now on amc

The team over at AMC have set the first half season of the walking dead to be streamed to your device for free much like other services which have done the same during the covid-19 pandemic. So while your locked inside for the next bit it’s a great time to stream The Walking Dead completely … Read more

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