Dawn of the Dead 1978 Coronavirus Movie of the Day

George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead 1978 is in our opinion one of the single best zombie films ever created, it has a huge emphasis on survival and how people will come together in times of crisis.

It also shows how the world is a very commercial place full of consumerism and that people can not go on without items from shopping malls (haha, had to say it).

Much like the crisis we are in today with the coronavirus, this film shows a world on lock down where the television is telling private citizens that they must report to designated safe zones.

Contradictory to the covid-19 situation where we have to stay at home, in dawn of the dead 1978 citizens must no longer occupy private estates no matter how well prepared or stocked they are.

Roger getting sick with zombie virus in dawn of the dead a George Romero film

The film depicts four main characters — Steve, Francine, Peter and Roger. These friends decide to steal the traffic helicopter and head toward Canada to escape the zombie virus pandemic.

However during a stop for supplies along the way they land on top of a slam packed shopping mall where all the items are well in stock but the mall is full of the living dead.

Basically if you are at home right now and want to watch a master piece then we suggest watching the Dawn of the Dead 1978.

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The movie is old and many younger people will have a hard time adapting to this but if you give it a chance you will immediately realize that this film along with the other Romero films had set the standards for all modern zombie films including the hit tv show the walking dead.

View the trailer for the dawn of the dead 1978

Check it out we really think you will love it if you have not already seen it.

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Dawn of the Dead (1978) Horror, Thriller | 127min | 1979 (United States) 7.9
Director: George A. RomeroWriter: George A. RomeroStars: David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott H. ReinigerSummary: The zombie apocalypse has hit Earth. Two personnel from a TV station and two policemen set off in a helicopter to find a safe place to hide out. Their search leads them to a shopping mall where they manage to find a place that, while not zombie-free, is quite secure. So far, so good. —grantss


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