October 27, 2020

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28 Days Later Horror Pandemic Movie

28 Days Later the perfect zombie Pandemic Movie


Are we headed into the world of ?

The world is headed even deeper into the world being locked down sometimes we find ourselves looking for something similar to whats going on, while there certainly is no rage virus involved with -19.

However its interesting to see how the characters survive and come together in 28 days later a post apocalyptic movie where a virus created in a lab is exposed to the greater Europe region.

Eventually and virtually wipes out the remaining population, with only a handful of survivors who are the main progenitors of the film.

28 days later legendary horror movie about pandemic virus

This one is more realistic than most other movies as it has a emphasis on community, the old the young and realistic relatable characters, we suggest you watch this great film during your time in quarantine.


If you enjoy the first film which is 28 days later, then perhaps its possible to enjoy the followup film which is labeled 28 weeks later.

28 Weeks later is a sequel depicting the cleanup, humanity survival after such a horrendous outbreak, its interesting and is also worth the watch.