Cabin Fever 2002 Virus Movie

Lets roll back to 2002 when the Eli Roth classic Cabin Fever was released, considering the situation we are all in with the current covid-19 pandemic I think that horror movie fans will have a even better appreciation for this viral movie where a group of friends travel to a cabin for the weekend but end up encountering and contracting a virus.

The inspiration for the film’s story came from a real-life experience during a trip to Iceland when Roth developed a skin infection.

The movie starts our with a hermit walking in the woods who comes upons his dog, which has died of a bloody infection some real nasty viral stuff, and the hermit becomes infected.

Cabin Fever Virus Infection Movie

Meanwhile, college students Jeff, Marcy, Paul, Karen and Bert take a vacation to a remote cabin to celebrate spring break. Bert leaves to shoot squirrels but shoots the now disfigured and bloody hermit. Despite the hermit’s pleas, Bert flees and remains silent about the incident.

The film has had many mixed reviews ranging from one of the best movies to total garbage, but we are leaving that for you to decide we personally thought it was pretty good and enjoyed watching it while we the people of planet earth are in isolation during this corona virus panic happening right now all over the world.