Mass Infection Movie: The Andromeda Strain

Maybe you are locked in and are looking to add some horror / sci-fi to your quarantine while locked inside during this covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Tonight we are watching The Andromeda Strain a 1971 film about something similar to what is happening right now in 2020.

Andromeda Strain film from 1971

The film is Based on Michael Crichton’s 1969 novel, and is one of the first of its kind to take off into pop culture, the film explores with a team of scientists who band together to investigate a new deadly organism of extraterrestrial origin. A never before seen sickness has taken over and they have to beat the clock to save mankind.

YouTube video

You should check out the movie if you are bored and want to watch something made so long ago but seems like what we are dealing with today.