Stream Return of the Living Dead 1985 Free

Here is yet another mass infection/pandemic type film, enter Return of the Living Dead a classic horror zombie movie where a worker at a military supply depot releases a biological weapon that brings the dead back to life creating hordes of zombies.

If you enjoy the classic night of the living dead, dawn of the dead and day of the dead then you will enjoy the Return of the Living Dead it is a three part series which was called a rip off the George Romero classics but it does hold its own and its quite an entertaining set of films, so why not stream the movie right now absolutely free.

Return of the Living Dead is available on Pluto TV and Tubi TV 100% free to watch on many devices with a small amount of ads supporting the free movie streaming services. You can also stream it on Amazon Prime and some other paid streaming services.

Update Oct 19th, 2021: The links for Tubi and Pluto TV have expired however there is an original VHS free streaming copy available on the internet archive, please see link 3.

Watch Return of the Living Dead (1985) on your device streaming for free
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