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Night of the Living Dead 1990 Stream it free now.

Heading into a even further global quarantine is making people become bored really fast, however you are in luck you can stream Night of the Living Dead right now free on CTV.

A great film if you enjoyed the original and the following dawn of the dead, day of the dead movies.

The 1990 version of this film is the first remake of its kind and it’s where Tom Savini gets a chance to direct one of the Romero classic films. A great remake in full color compared to the black and white original film which is a legendary film in its own right.

Night of the Living Dead (1990) - Trailer

The team at Horror Facts just re-watched the 1990 remake last night and it was excellent, filled with zombie survival action a great movie one of the relics of its time and fortunate for you its streamable right now on Crackle.

 Much like the original notld(night of the living dead), a group of strangers wind up at a rural abandoned home suddenly the dead rise up from their burial sites. The remake modernizes the characters in a way connected to the early 90s. Featuring Patricia Tallman’s as Barbara and Tony Todd as Ben.

Watch now on CTV

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