Day of the Dead Cast Reunited for Night of the Living Dead 2

In the unofficial sequel to George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead, three of the original cast members return for Night of the Living Dead 2.

George A. Romero’s creepy zombie horde is returning to cinemas in Night of the Living Dead Part II, which was shot in secret this year and is written and directed by Marcus Slabine.

Back in July we had the initial report about new casting details for the upcoming zombie flick, but now we have an image from the set showing us some of our beloved heroes from Day of the Dead back in Action.

Night of the Living Dead 2

First images of the main characters of the movie have been released, and they certainly appear to be ready for a good fight.

In the 1985 horror film Day of the Dead, Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Jarlath Conroy played characters who survived that particular zombie outbreak, which could potentially lead to them reprising those roles.

According to director Slabine, in an interview with Bloody Disgusting, “With Night of the Living Dead II I wanted to tell an original and engaging story with these amazing actors who haven’t been together since 1985. They are incredible and I want to showcase that just because someone is over the age of 60 doesn’t mean they can’t give a phenomenal performance.”

Night of the Living Dead 2 Stream for free

The release date and location of the zombie flick Night of the Living Dead 2 are unknown, but all zombie movies are beloved, and if it is as good as Slabine believes, then it could join the ranks of other Romero inspired films.

It’s exciting to see this project advancing as there can never be enough good zombie films.