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Proving Demons a Youtuber trapped in haunted house.

Andrew the creator, host and main camera man for the Proving Demons channel on YouTube is trapped in a haunted house during the quarantine happening in the UK right now.

I love to watch Andrew and his gang of friends such as Dan from Exploring with Fighters. I first seen Andrew on the Exploring with Fighters Channel when they found legitimate human remains in the wall of an abandoned house a 100% real find, police and everything were involved. The Proving Demons show is always very high on the reality or found footage level of filming. The goal of the production is to prove to the viewers that there is paranormal activity and his catch phrase is Do you believe yet.

Watch Proving Demons in ultra HD right here

So to catch you all up on the current landscape with Proving Demons on YouTube Andrew and his girlfriend recently had to return to a haunted house that his parents own because they would not have had working electricity in their home as UK power is prepaid or something like that, not too sure how it works but it was the only option.

So now trapped inside with an active poltergeist in a home he grew up in there is no escape. Andrew of Proving Demons has been consistent with his claims a on the property and continues to upload of his videos of the quarantine.

We like Andrew and would like to do an interview with him someday in the near future perhaps we will arrange for that for you the fans of Horror Facts.

Posted below the current three videos of his time in isolation so you can see just exactly what he is going through as the proving demons host receives many phone calls and wishes of being safe while trapped in the home.

Part 1
Part 2

We all know that most of these shows are faked or setup but we have not seen anything that seems over the top or not possible at this point and we hope that his channel has a bright future.

Part 3

Here is a link to Proving Demons YouTube Channel Enjoy!

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