Contacting the team at Horror Facts

We have been getting many requests as of lately from people all around the internet searching for the best way to contact us.

We do monitor all of our inboxes on social networks however some of those such as Slasher does not have a high level integration in the chat feature yet, so if you really want to contact us the best way is to use our official email address you can send your requests and inquires here and they will be responded to faster than any of the social neworks as we are notified instantly when you contact us via email.

We also have a contact button on our website here that allows you to fill a form to send a message to our email directly on the website, this is also a perfect option for reaching out to us as it will send an email.

Thanks everyone for the love and support as we work to make this site highly functional and interactive for everyone who follows our work.

Lots of love,
The Horror Facts Team