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‘Escape Room 2’ Help me Esacpe This Movie! [Review]

Following up on the original blockbuster film is Escape Room Part Two, the not so amazing terrifying mazes and traps.

A group of six people find themselves trapped in another series of escape rooms, slowly learning what they have in common to survive. They soon discover that they have all played the game before after joining forces with two of the original survivors.

If you haven’t yet seen the surprisingly successful 2019 film (which I liked myself), you should definitely watch that one first. The 2nd Escape Room is much shorter and paced more quickly than the first, but what makes it so chaotic and messy, in general, is the fact that everything seems so confusing and chaotic.

Horror Facts


The first Escape Room (2019) exceeded $150 million in revenue on a budget of $9 million, resulting in a sequel from Columbia Pictures

The premise is intriguing. The film sets and escape rooms have great fun themes. But this script didn’t work out.

One of the movie’s best scenes was the first room in the original, which slowly built up the atmosphere and gave the characters and the audience time to consider. In contrast, the remake’s first room is ridiculous, with everything happening way too quickly and characters were screaming ridiculously.

The film is confusing, lacking character development and missing any sort of meshing.

In addition, all of the deaths involve some ridiculously elaborate contraptions that look like they came out of a foolish Star Trek episode; but this probably was done so as not to restrict the film’s appeal to younger audiences.

You don’t like how TikTok videos are so long, and you’d rather watch a movie with a bunch of people continually pointing and screaming while no scene lasts more than 2 seconds? Then, there’s no need to wait anymore, because Escape Room 2 will be your film of the year!

In any case, the whole movie is pretty much just a setup for the plot twist. Without giving anything away, I will just say that it was astonishing and left many viewers scratching their heads in amazement as it just raised many new questions.

“Tournament of Champions” has no end, too, like its predecessor. Unfortunately, it offers viewers the first part of a second sequel instead of a satisfying ending, leaving viewers with yet another cliffhanger. Escape Room 2 is undoubtedly unsatisfying to viewers who have paid to see a complete film.

The “Tournament” would be best for fans who have no high expectations from the sequel.

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