Count Orlok’s Return: Empire Magazine Teases Eggers’ Nosferatu


Whispers from the crypt, my darlings of the dark—the visage that once heralded the dawn of cinematic horror is stirring once again. It’s with a heart pounding like the footsteps of a creature lurking in the shadows that I share the latest tidings from Empire Magazine: the original face of the undead, Nosferatu, is being reanimated by the maestro of the macabre, Robert Eggers. This isn’t your grandmother’s silent flick; it’s a symphony of terror … Read The Full Article

Baring Fangs Anew: How 90s Horror Resurrected the Vampire Genre

Vampire custom artwork

Like a drop of blood re-animating lifeless flesh, a startling resurgence of creative vampire films in the 1990s revitalized the subgenre after a decade of diminishing returns. Forward-thinking directors infused new blood into timeless mythology, reimagining bloodsuckers through fresh lenses tinted by metaphors relevant to modern audiences. From tragic romances to punk rock carnage, 90s vampire cinema sank its teeth into untapped potential and left a seminal mark on horror. Interview with the Vampire heralded … Read The Full Article

Return to the Neon-Soaked Vampire Dens of the 1980s with ‘Vamp’

Vamp Vampire movie from the 80s reviewed in 2023

Vamp: An Exotic, Stylized 80s Horror Gem Lost in the Neon Wonderland of Cult Cinema The 1980s represented a phenomenal boom period for the horror genre that shaped and defined the world of scary movies as we know them today. Following the groundwork laid by classics in the 1970s like The Exorcist, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Halloween, horror films in the 80s exploded in popularity and brought new innovations to the genre. Advances … Read The Full Article