Raising Hell: How the 90s Became Possessed by Religious Horror

As a horror-obsessed teen coming of age in the 1990s, I felt as though I was experiencing a profound religious reawakening vicariously through the decade’s startling resurgence of provocative occult cinema. I sought primal metaphors to make sense of my own spiritual unrest, and found them manifested larger-than-life on the …

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Vampire custom artwork

Baring Fangs Anew: How 90s Horror Resurrected the Vampire Genre

Like a drop of blood re-animating lifeless flesh, a startling resurgence of creative vampire films in the 1990s revitalized the subgenre after a decade of diminishing returns. Forward-thinking directors infused new blood into timeless mythology, reimagining bloodsuckers through fresh lenses tinted by metaphors relevant to modern audiences. From tragic romances …

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Scream 1996 custom art work from horror facts

How Scream Saved Slasher Cinema by Savagely Satirizing Its Tropes

Among all the slick, sarcastic teen screamfests of late 90s horror, Wes Craven’s smash-hit Scream stands apart as the most incisively influential. Released in 1996, Scream playfully skewered and celebrated the slasher genre’s derivative clichés and tired tropes even as it expertly weaponized them in classic Craven fashion. The script’s …

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