Fans Invited to Shape New Horror Doc In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994

The creative team behind the hugely popular retrospective horror documentary series In Search of Darkness is returning to the genre’s past, this time setting their sights on the crucial but overlooked 1990s epoch. In an unconventional move, the producers are inviting horror buffs to help shape the upcoming In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 by taking a comprehensive survey sharing their perspectives on what films, filmmakers, trends and topics they most want to see given the spotlight.

This latest ambitious crowdfunded documentary endeavor will thoroughly examine the progression of horror cinema throughout the 1990s, a period some critics and fans view as a “lost decade” or transitional creative lull following the massive glut of horror output in the 1980s. The In Search of Darkness creators vehemently disagree with this assessment, seeing the ’90s as an exciting time of groundbreaking experimentation and identity-seeking for the genre as it evolved to stay relevant.

Horror fans are strongly encouraged to visit and fill out an extensive survey giving their thoughts, rankings and suggestions. Creators want to know which films, filmmakers, franchises, influences and trends fans are most eager to see analyzed and celebrated. The ultimate goal is crafting the most comprehensive and definitive ’90s horror documentary ever produced by incorporating fan insights directly into the narrative fabric.

In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994

In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 aims to spotlight overlooked and underrated gems, cult favorites, rising voices and re-evaluate well-known films with more nuance, just as the series did for the previous decade’s genre fare. Over 50 exclusive interviews with prominent horror creators, scholars and celebrities will help unfold the story of the genre’s rocky but formative transition into the modern era as impacted by cultural and technological shifts.

Director David Weiner promises the same upbeat celebratory spirit and rigorously in-depth critical analysis that made the epic 14-hour In Search of Darkness ’80s trilogy a hit with critics and hardcore fans. He warmly welcomes crowdsourced input from devotees to ensure the doc highlights the topics, titles and creators they are most passionate about resurfacing.

In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994

Executive producer Robin Block stresses this documentary is envisioned from the outset as a highly collaborative effort between the creators and the sprawling horror fan community. Pre-orders for In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 launch this October ahead of production getting underway.

By directly crowdsourcing perspectives, personal memories and wishes from fans, the team hopes to lovingly craft the most immersive and emotionally affecting nostalgic love letter to ’90s horror possible. The survey participation period ends September 1, 2023, so horror buffs should hurry to soon to make their voices heard.

This is only the latest example of CreatorVC pioneering unconventional marketing efforts designed to empower fans as partners in building hype. Their In Search of Darkness docs aim to validate fans’ own nostalgia and insights into decades of genre fare.

For a limited time, horror heads have a special opportunity to tangibly influence the shape of In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 based on their passion for the decade’s cinema. Don’t miss this rare chance to get involved at the ground level in celebrating a forgotten but pivotal era for the genre we love.