Screambox Summons RoboDoc, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and More Frights for August

Horror streamers, prepare for a frightful August as Screambox conjures up an enticing new collection of chillers, slashers, and cult classics coming to the service.

Leading the pack of Screambox originals is the four-part docuseries RoboDoc: The Creation of RoboCop. Launching August 29, this comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Paul Verhoeven’s iconic sci-fi satire will feature interviews with the cast and crew including Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Ray Wise, and more. Get the inside story on the cyborg cop’s journey from script to screen.

For retro horror kicks, Screambox is serving up a pristine new transfer of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Tobe Hooper’s legendary low-budget slasher from 1974 set the standard for gritty, grueling terror. Even nearly 50 years later, Leatherface and his cannibal clan remain shudder-inducing. It’s essential viewing for old-school horror purists.

On the horror comedy front, the Dutch spookfest Ghastly Brothers offers family-friendly chills in the vein of Beetlejuice. Two hapless ghost exorcists get in over their heads when a country manor’s paranormal problems prove greater than anticipated. Perfect for younger viewers seeking a gateway to horror.

Indie horror flick Subject descending on August 22 offers a sinister sci-fi twist on found footage. After a prisoner undergoes an experimental procedure, unsettling side effects suggest a malevolent inhuman presence. Fusing psychological thriller and visceral body horror, Subject looks primed to take found footage to terrifying new terrain.

For behind-the-scenes trivia, don’t miss the Screambox exclusive Who Done It: The Clue Documentary. The cast and crew of the cult classic Clue revisit the zany board game adaptation and its unpredictable theatrical release. A must-watch for fans of this whodunit spoof.

Rounding out August is an array of horror gems like Lucky McKee’s provocative The Woman, Ti West’s atmospheric haunted inn chiller The Innkeepers, ’80s gorefest Chopping Mall, and sequels to popular indie slashers Hatchet and Victor Crowley.

With hot originals, hidden gems, and genre classics, Screambox continues to bolster its reputation as a premium destination for horror fans. The August lineup shows the service’s commitment to serving up compelling niche content not streaming anywhere else. So grab your popcorn and prepare to scream this month!

For horror buffs seeking thrills off the beaten path, Screambox’s expanding catalog of curated genre fare makes it a subscription worth sinking your teeth into.