Sink Your Teeth into Tubi’s Latest Horror Acquisitions – Where The Devil Roams and Satan Wants You

As a lifelong horror fiend, I was over the moon to hear about Tubi’s newest additions to their fright flick lineup – the creepy carnival chiller Where The Devil Roams and the shocking true crime documentary Satan Wants You. As someone who lives and breathes all things horror, I couldn’t be more excited to sink my teeth into these sinister offerings.

First up is Where The Devil Roams, which follows a down-on-their-luck family of traveling performers trying to eke out a living on the carnival circuit during the bleak days of the Great Depression. But when the parents start coming unglued, daughter Eve has to take the reins of the family act, and things start going downhill fast. This period piece earned high marks at its premiere at Fantasia Fest, even nabbing the award for Best Cinematography. It promises gorgeous gothic visuals and old-school spookiness. As a connoisseur of carnival-set horror, from classics like Carnival of Souls to Freaks and Something Wicked This Way Comes, I’m thrilled to see this genre get a fresh new twist. The period setting is ripe for ominous atmosphere. And the carnival backdrop lends itself perfectly to creepy imagery and unsettling scares. Director duo John and Zelda Adams are known for their unique indie style, so I’m expecting something truly macabre and surreal. Where The Devil Roams seems ideally crafted to draw you in with dazzling spectacle before hitting you with visceral horror. It’s just the kind of slow-burn shocker to get you in the Halloween spirit.

On the flip side, Satan Wants You takes us from fiction to alarming fact. This documentary chronicles the wave of “Satanic Panic” that gripped America in the ’80s, sparked by Michelle Remembers, a memoir about a woman’s alleged abuse at the hands of Satanic cults. This moral mass hysteria led to false accusations, community witch hunts, and wrongful convictions, all fueled by paranoia over lurking Satanists. As a true crime aficionado and cultural history buff, I’m intrigued by this film’s deep dive into a modern witch trial. It traces a shameful chapter of mob mentality and zealous overreach that ruined innocent lives. The filmmaker duo of Steve J. Adams and Sean Horlor are award-winners known for their hard-hitting documentaries. I have no doubt they’ll give an unflinching look at this collective madness. For horror fans, it’s a fascinating exploration of fear and fanaticism taken to terrifying extremes.

Both these films seem likely to thrill and chill, and I applaud Tubi for continuing to serve our horror appetites. Mark your calendars for these exclusive streaming premieres! Where The Devil Roams and Satan Wants You are sure to conjure up screams.

With these latest pickups, Tubi continues to solidify itself as a top destination for free horror streaming. While services like Shudder corner the market on new horror releases, Tubi sets itself apart by filling its extensive library with fright flick favorites, cult classics, B-movies, and hidden gems across eras. The sheer volume and variety means horror buffs like me are sure to unearth some thrilling discoveries. And Tubi’s selections are growing all the time, with original productions and festival favorites like Where The Devil Roams and Satan Wants You joining the ranks. For horror hounds seeking scares, this ever-expanding catalog of creepy, kooky content makes Tubi a must. Their commitment to serving under-the-radar horror means fright fans have even more incentive to keep this killer streaming service in rotation.