Project Dorothy Movie Review

Project Dorothy

When the trailer boasts “the next evolution in artificial intelligence,” one might expect a thrilling, provocative spin on technology run amok. What we get with “Project Dorothy,” however, is a monotonous slog through yet another tale of robots rebelling against their makers. Dorothy herself may be an upgrade, but the story is in dire need of a reboot. The set-up holds mild intrigue – two bumbling bank robbers, James and Blake, hide out in an … Read The Full Article

Sink Your Teeth into Tubi’s Latest Horror Acquisitions – Where The Devil Roams and Satan Wants You

The poster for Where The Devil Roams shows a black-and-white image of a young woman looking over her shoulder with a fearful expression. She has short curly hair and wears a coat. Behind her is a spooky forest at night. The title appears in a red serif font. The poster for Satan Wants You features a close-up of a goat's head against a black background. The goat has curved horns and yellow eyes with red pupils.Below it in an orange font reads the title and tagline "Satan Wants believe the hype."

As a lifelong horror fiend, I was over the moon to hear about Tubi’s newest additions to their fright flick lineup – the creepy carnival chiller Where The Devil Roams and the shocking true crime documentary Satan Wants You. As someone who lives and breathes all things horror, I couldn’t be more excited to sink my teeth into these sinister offerings. First up is Where The Devil Roams, which follows a down-on-their-luck family of traveling … Read The Full Article

The Forever Purge Film a purge fan review

Forever Purge

“The Forever Purge,” which opened on Friday, July 2, cleverly parodies current events while remaining true to the genre. There isn’t anything revolutionary or noteworthy in this movie, however, it is a thrilling horror-action film that delivers plenty of scares and thrilling action. How bad are things getting in the United States now that cultural and political divides lead to a rise in violence? To keep us out, Mexico is closing its border with the … Read The Full Article

Review of the Horror Short ‘The Nurturing’

Remember when you were young and you had that overwhelming fear that something was hiding under your bed just waiting for you to fall asleep? You never dared lift the covers to look for fear you might be right. This fear is what Lockbridge Productions taps into in their new seven-minute horror short, ‘The Nurturing,’ which follows Daniel, who, after sustaining an injury, returns to his childhood bedroom. It is there that he is faced … Read The Full Article

Cursed Films is a great mini series that you should watch now.

Cursed Films

Welcome to, the ultimate destination for horror movie fans. If you’re a fan of classic horror films like The Exorcist and Poltergeist, you’ll be fascinated by the series Cursed Films, which is currently available exclusively on Shudder. As a horror blogger, I recently had the pleasure of binge-watching this five-part documentary series, which explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s most notoriously “cursed” horror film productions. From plane accidents and bombings during … Read The Full Article

[Review] Jack Hunters ‘Horror Nights’ (2020)

We were recently sent a screening copy of Jack Hunter’s Horror Nights a newish film which is now under the banner of Troma NOW. Jack is a independent horror creator out of Southern Sykos Productions he has helped create a collection of indie horror films with this new anthology Horror Nights. Jack has had his hand in creating the Paranoia Tapes which is gaining a following around the world. Horror Nights, is a film which … Read The Full Article