[Review] Jack Hunters ‘Horror Nights’ (2020)

We were recently sent a screening copy of Jack Hunter’s Horror Nights a newish film which is now under the banner of Troma NOW.

Jack is a independent horror creator out of Southern Sykos Productions he has helped create a collection of indie horror films with this new anthology Horror Nights. Jack has had his hand in creating the Paranoia Tapes which is gaining a following around the world.

Horror Nights, is a film which gives you that retro feeling where we are introduced to the film by way of a movie host which reminded me of the memorable style of Elvira. I think having a host was special.

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The film is comprised of short films under one banner. Think grind house film where there are multi feature films all in one movie but even shorter. You can expect ear worms(a title on the anthology) which is absolutely frightening. If nothing else I found Horror Nights to be a tribute to many existing horror movies. The opening short on the movie was a straight up clone of the Strangers except with talking just brutal senseless killings, for some this will be a treat to others it will feel like you have seen it all before.

The ‘Mara’ short is very creepy, a short about sleep paralysis where a young girl keeps experiencing a very creepy man/women/thing in the room with her every time she goes to sleep, I actually liked this one it was relatable to me for once on the film.

Sleepless is another short but I didn’t really like this one. A young women is awoken from her sleep. She wakes up at 2:41, times keeps going it’s now 3:08  , 3:22 the sleeplessness continues she tries to go back to sleep when. She is taken away, the husband wakes the next morning to find crystal missing it makes little to no sense what happened. I felt confused.

There are so many shorts on the film I can’t even start to name them all but if you are a fan of mini horror shorts then you may like Jack Hunters Horror Nights 2020.

It feels like a Hail to the King tribute film.

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However…… These type movies lack the depth of you connecting with characters, there is no deep story here, there was no human connection made I didn’t get a chance to like or hate anyone in the movies they were simply too short. For me personally these type films are more like watching YouTube for on demand amateur short films.

We enjoyed the film for what it is which is a mix tape of movies, if you like instant horror, fast and dirty then this indie film is perfect for you. If you want a deeper experience with character development, story continuity and the works then skip this one as you won’t get that from Horror Nights.

So while we have mixed feelings on these type movies, its not to say that Horror Nights does not have merit or its place in world as there are thousands maybe even millions of people that would disagree with us and we acknowledge that these type films do have a place and following.
It’s just not our following.

We want to thank Jack Hunter for reaching out to us and sending the film our way, we look forward to seeing what else he can produce in the future.

If you have access to AvailTV then you can watch Horror Nights now, and soon it will premier on TromaNOW.

Our rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.