The Forever Purge Film a purge fan review

“The Forever Purge,” which opened on Friday, July 2, cleverly parodies current events while remaining true to the genre. There isn’t anything revolutionary or noteworthy in this movie, however, it is a thrilling horror-action film that delivers plenty of scares and thrilling action.

How bad are things getting in the United States now that cultural and political divides lead to a rise in violence? To keep us out, Mexico is closing its border with the United States.

This is the intriguing premise behind “The Forever Purge,” the fifth and supposed final installment of Blumhouse’s sci-fi/horror franchise set in the 2020s that started in 2013.

Rather than being rooted in horror, the film takes an aggressive approach to society, which some might classify as a social critique. There’s a documentary feel to “The Forever Purge”.

An overview of the “Purge” films for those who have not seen them. As a method of releasing anger and reducing crime in an overpopulated nation, it is acceptable to commit rape, murder, and robbery across the country in one night. Purge Night.

The Forever Purge

Many of the killers are from white-nationalist militias that are devoted to “purifying” American society. There are also workers acting out of retaliation, claiming exploitation and being paid slave wages. According to the franchise, many Americans aren’t looking for justice or to fulfill any explicit political goals. The Purgers simply want carnage, whatever the reason.

The Forever Purge feels out of place at first because of the change in location and the lack of characters from the past. Nevertheless, once the slaughter starts and Purge hallmarks appear (sirens, masks, etc), the film begins to feel like an outsider version of the purge in a good way.

In terms of themes, setting, and overall appearance, The Forever Purge is the most distinctive movie in the bunch. But James DeMonaco isn’t changing the franchise just for the sake of it. As the monstrosity reaches its full power, the Forever Purge is its true manifestation. This gruesome creature lurked beneath the surface, forever altering the whole series. Since Purge violence is so close to the kind of violence we see every day, seeing it in daylight is both striking and alarming. There is a thin line between dystopian fantasy and dystopian reality that has the power to touch too many people. In the end, it’s a good entry that can be either the end or the beginning of something new.

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Release Date: July 2, 2021

Starring: Alejandro Edda, Ana de la Reguera, Ana González, Anthony Molinari, Brett Edwards, Cassidy Freeman, Edward Gelhaus, Emily Trujillo, Flanagan John, Gregory Zaragoza, Josh Lucas, Joshua Dov, Leven Rambin, Sammi Rotibi, Susie Abromeit, Tenoch Huerta, Veronica Falcón, Will Patton

Director: Everardo Valerio Gout
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 44m

I rate the film 2.5 out of 5 stars

If you are a fan of the previous ‘Purge’ films then you should check ‘The Forever Purge’ out, it’s different than the other films but still, it’s worth the watch.