Full-Length Trailer Released For New SyFy ‘Chucky’ Series

During the ‘Legacy of Chucky’ panel at this years San Diego ComicCon@Home live event, fans were treated to our first official full-length trailer for SyFy and USA Network’s upcoming ‘Chucky’ Series.

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The new ‘Chucky’ trailer introduces us to Jake (Zackary Arthur) who unwittingly finds what he believes to be an innocent looking ‘Good Guy’ doll at a local yard sale.

The trailer doesn’t waste time in establishing that Jake quickly realizes that something’s not right with his doll. The discovery comes via a nice little nod back to the original film when Jake discovers that batteries are not included with this particular model.

The trailer sets up that Jake is a social pariah and the butt of most of his fellow students’ jokes. A fact that soon has Chucky targeting his new friend’s tormentors.

Horror Fact:

This tone is similar to Chucky creator and ‘Childs Play’ writer Don Mancini’s original script idea that saw Chucky as an extension of Andy Barclay’s psyche. When Andy would fall asleep at night, Chucky would come to life and target those that Andy harbored anger or resentment toward.    

The rest of the trailer showcases Chucky as he unleashes carnage onto this unsuspecting and peaceful suburban town, all the while dropping F-bombs and snappy quips as only Chucky can.

I know it seems evident in the above trailer that ‘Chucky’ won’t be lacking in any of the dark, satirical, and foul-mouthed antics that fans of the franchise have come to expect but, to reassure those who are still skeptical, Mancini revealed in a recent interview with EW.com that, before he agreed to sell the show to SyFy and USA, he needed assurance that ‘Chucky’ wouldn’t be a watered down version of his creation.

“Before we even sold the show, we had to confirm with the network that Chucky could drop his F-bombs. Chucky gets 10 F-bombs per episode, so that’s more than enough,” Mancini stated.

During the interview, he also revealed his decision to ultimately bring his creation to the small screen.

“I realized that taking it into the medium of television would change the lens through which we view the characters in the franchise in a potentially really fruitful way. Just having eight hours of story to deal with necessarily puts you in a position where you’re dealing much more with characters and relationships than you can in any single 90-minute movie.”

The expansion of the Chucky mythos will especially be evident in the series’ decision to delve into the back story of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. You can read about that in a link at the end of this article.  

The ‘Chucky’ series will focus on this small, American town that soon finds itself thrown into chaos after a series of murders start to reveal the town’s hidden secrets.   

‘Chucky’ stars Zachary Arthur as the series lead, Jake Wheeler. It also stars Bjorgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans, Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross, Teo Briones as Junior Wheeler, Lexa Doig as Bree Wheeler, and Devon Sawa as Lucas Wheeler.

Although absent from the trailer, the series also promises to see the return of familiar faces. Along with Brad Dourif reprising his role as the voice of Chucky, the series will also see Jennifer Tilly return as Tiffany Valentine, Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, and Christine Elise as Kyle.

Along with this new suburban storyline, the series is also reported to be picking up where the events of 2017’s ‘Cult of Chucky’ left off, with a possessed Nica and Tiffany driving away from a mental institution, with Andy locked inside the asylum, and with a Tiffany doll alive in the back seat of the car.

We’ll have to wait to see how this story plays into the new upcoming series.

‘Chucky’ is set to premiere on October 12, 2021.