‘Chucky’ Series to Delve Into Charles Lee Ray’s Origin

Following the recent release of a short teaser trailer for SyFy and USA Network’s upcoming ‘Chucky’ series, it’s now been announced by BloodyDigusting that the series will be exploring the origin story of Charles Lee Ray. 

More commonly referred to as Chucky, Charles Lee Ray, played/voiced by Brad Dourif, was first introduced in the original ‘Child’s Play’ film and serves as the franchise’s primary villain.

Following a fatal gunshot wound in a toy store, Charles transfers his soul into the body of a “Good Guy” doll through a voodoo ritual. Charles, now referring to himself as Chucky, attempts to transfer his soul into the body of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent). Unsuccessful in this original installment, he would continue to seek out Andy and then, eventually, other hosts to transfer his soul into over the course of the franchise.

Throughout the seven films and one reboot, little details have been revealed about the origin of the infamous serial killer.

The biggest piece of his back story came in 2013’s ‘The Curse of Chucky’ when it was revealed that Charles had kidnapped Nica Pierce’s (Fiona Dourif) mother and stabbed her in her stomach after she informed the authorities of his whereabouts. The wound inflicted by Charles resulted in Nica being born paraplegic, as her mother was pregnant with Nica at the time. The night Charles was gunned down in the toy store in the first film was the same night he had been running from the police. 

This new series will hopefully shed some light on the early years of Charles Lee Ray and possibly show us when he started to go down a dark path. The role of young Charles in the series will be played by David Kohlsmith (The Prodigy). Although details about his early years will be revealed in the series, Kohlsmith is set to appear in at least three of the planned ten episodes of the series, suggesting that the killer’s origin story will not be condensed in one episode, but rather will be expanded over a number of episodes.  

‘Chucky’ is set to premiere on October 12, 2021.

A full-length trailer for the series is also set to be released on July 25, 2021, during SyFy’s “Legacy of Chucky” featurette at the San Diego Comic-Con@Home live event.

As always, HorrorFacts will continue to report any additional news and updates on the series.