Silent Hill 2006 revisit it’s been 15 years!

The movie adaptation of the Silent Hill video game was released back in 2006, the critics at the time destroyed the movie as I’m guessing they had not played any of the fantastic video games that were floating around on the consoles of the previous generations, namely PlayStation.

With this being said, the games were really good and to be honest, I think that many of the critics did not understand the target audience for the movie as they blindly proceeded to destroy what may have very well been the best movie adaptation of the horroresque video game series that is Silent Hill.

Among the best videogame movie adaptations, Silent Hill is widely regarded for very good reason. Fog and darkness provide the perfect environment for the bizarre terrors that lurk within.

Additionally, the soundtrack perfectly evokes the scary, mesmerizing atmosphere that makes the games so popular. All the elaborate sets you see throughout Rose’s quest to find Sharon was carefully crafted, and you can tell that the filmmakers put a lot of thought into making each one. Fog rolls through the barren streets, and dread and isolation are everywhere in Silent Hill because they perfectly captured the abandoned aesthetics of the game.

There’s a lot of rust and blood on the otherworld too, which is what makes Rose’s time there feel like a threat, and you want her to go back to earth as soon as possible. The fact that they created something so visually unique, odd, but also extraordinary.

Silent Hill

The monsters were so impressive that I may even prefer the adaptation over the original video game source material. The costumes added an additional layer to open my mind to what the game world would be like in the real world, and the performers captured all the abnormal movements exactly as they did in the game. 

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In the case that you haven’t played Silent Hill the game before, seeing these monsters randomly appears is perfectly normal. Their impressive visual appeal still helps startle the viewer.

A hallway full of nurses suddenly appears in front of Rose, causing both horror and hypnosis, it felt just like the terror once felt while playing the game as a young teenager.

Despite its uneasiness, Silent Hill is shot with the camera continually moving and high above in a manner that gives the sense of inquisitive voyeurism. 

Some scenes were even recreated shot for shot from the original material. Those who have not been able to play the original game will find the film digestible as everything is streamlined into something I enjoyed.

They did an excellent job adapting the story, however, we got a lot of exposition at the end, and the information could have been conveyed better.

From the perspective of a Silent Hill fan, this movie is a gem, to someone who has not played the game then it may be a little confusing.

As a gamer, I give the film 4 out of 5 stars despite the original negative feedback from so many critics I think you should check out the film if you like horror games.

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Plot: A woman, Rose, goes in search for her adopted daughter within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill.

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Starring: Laurie Holden, Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean