Black Christmas 2006 Remake 15 Years Later.

Black Christmas, a classic horror film remade for the first time in 2006 starring these divas Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lacey Chabert and Katie Cassidy the film was written and directed by Glen Morgan. During the films, initial release, the public responded very poorly to the remake of the much-loved original. In 2019 there was another remake, but we would rather not talk about that one.. like ever again.

When the film was announced for release in December 2006, it garnered criticism from religious groups due to its graphic content and release on Christmas Day in the US. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California hosted the film’s premiere on December 19, 2006. The film opened in the United Kingdom on December 15, 2006, and in the United States on December 19, 2006. Black Christmas was released on December 25, 2006, despite backlash from some religious organizations. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film “pump[s] out the gore and blood with zero creativity, humor, or visual flair.” The film earned $21.5 million worldwide on a budget of $9 million.

While many may have hated the film and many still do, the question remains was it that bad? I don’t think so. I feel that this version of the film explains the killer ‘Billy’ much more than the original. While I’m not saying that the original was inferior, the fact remains that we got much more backstory on ‘Billy’ in this version.

Thinking back on the release back in 2006 I went to the theater and found myself not totally let down, but I didn’t precisely like the 2006 remake of Black Christmas. However, fivteen years later, with a recent rewatch of the film directly after watching the original, there was a different feeling. It felt like this film was almost a follow-up film providing more insight into the story as a whole, plus having some of the era’s best ladies on-screen was another trip down memory lane.

So what’s the movie about? It’s basiclly black christmas all over again but with some big changes.

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Constance Lenz, a mother who abused Billy Lenz when he was born with severe jaundice, constantly abuses him. Billy’s father Frank was murdered by her lover on Christmas Eve 1975, and his body was buried in the crawlspace of the house. Billy was imprisoned in the attic after witnessing her scheme. As a result of her boyfriend’s inability to have another child, Billy’s mother impregnates herself in 1982 from her son in the attic. Several months later, Constance gives birth to their daughter Agnes, and she further rejects Billy at the occasion of her daughter’s birth. Agnes, eight years old, loses her eye when Billy escapes from the attic on Christmas Day 1991. After killing his mother and her lover, he then murders Agnes. The police catch him eating cookies made out of his mother’s flesh and he is sent to a mental asylum, while Agnes is sent to an orphanage.

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Billy, now 36, escapes from his prison cell on Christmas Eve and goes to what was once his home, now a sorority house for Delta Alpha Kappa at Clement University in New Hampshire. Clair Crosby, a member of the sorority, is murdered in her bedroom by an unknown person. In the meantime, Megan Helms hears noises in the attic and goes to investigate. Megan is killed by the same attacker who attacked Clair when she found her corpse. Their housemother, Mrs. Mac, along with the other sorority sisters, Kelli Presley, Melissa Kitt, Heather Fitzgerald, Dana Mathis, and Lauren Hannon, receive a threatening call from the killer. Leigh Colvin, Claire’s half-sister, soon arrives looking for her. Kyle Autry, Kelli’s boyfriend, also arrives, but is kicked out after he discovers Megan’s sex video with him. He confronts the figure in the crawlspace when the power goes out and is killed. Dana’s remaining sorority sisters and Leigh go outside to find her when they realize she was ambushed by a figure, but they are shocked to find Eve Agnew’s decapitated body in her car.

A storm prevents the police from arriving in time, so Heather and Mrs. Mac flee while Kelli, Melissa, and Leigh remain inside the house. Heather and Mrs. Mac are killed in the car, and Mrs. Mac is impaled by falling icicles. Melissa is killed by the assailant as Kelli and Leigh investigate in the garage. Lauren’s eyeless corpse is found when Kelli and Leigh return upstairs. In the attic, Kyle climbs the ladder with the other two to investigate; as Kyle ascends, the assailant, who appears to be Agnes, dragging him down to his death. Kelli and Agnes struggle in the attic as Billy makes his way into the space between the house’s walls. Leigh helps Kelli escape the killers before they start a fire, leaving Billy and Agnes to burn to death.

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Billy kills the morgue assistant after he is partially burned at the hospital, while Kelli and Leigh recover. Agnes appears in Kelli’s hospital room and kills Leigh while she is getting an x-ray. Agnes attacks Kelli through the ceiling as soon as she returns to her room, but Kelli kills Agnes by using a defibrillator. Billy then bursts in through the ceiling, chasing Kelli down the stairwell. Following a brief fight, Kelli pushes Billy over the railing, where he is impaled by the tip of a Christmas tree, killing him.

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Maybe its nostalgia speaking but I really feel that the film was able to pull it off and add more to an exisiting film, no sadly it did not have John Saxon in the film but it did hold the line without him.

If you seen the movie before it’s time to give the film another chance and watch it one more time. Never seen this version before? try it you might just like it.

My review of the film coming in at 15 years since Black Christmas 2006 is 3.5 out of 5 stars, an improvment from my original thoughts.