Cursed Films is a great mini series that you should watch now.

Needless to say that if you have joined us here on then you are clearly a horror movie fan and love the horror industry, you probably love some of the classics that have fandom around them such as the exorcist or poltergeist which are both said to have been haunted or cursed for ages now. This brings us to the series Cursed Films which is exclusively available on Shudder for the time being a show that I have recently had the pleasure to binge watch.

The mini series contains a mere five episodes which covers some of the all time classic films such as The Omen, Poltergeist, The Twilight Zone, The Exorcist and The Crow all films that have a dark history and are shrouded by mystery as to what really happened and why these things may have happened. Cursed Films takes you onto an adventure where for 30 minutes various guest and crew members take us back to the time when these tragedy’s and mystery’s took place.

During the thirty minute mini deep dives into the content you can expect to have your mind opened to many of the facets surrounding each films story, a dive into the time that once was and many peoples personal insights into what really happened and why they believe these films may have been viewed as cursed.

Cursed Films on Shudder

You can expect a enjoyable experience that any true horror fan would enjoy as these conspiracy theories are brought to light, the interviews with the people who were on set at the time of the original filming of these movies along with other outside opinions from esoteric sources such as real life exorcist and real life black magic practitioners to name but a few. I found Cursed Films to be extremely informative and enjoyable as I watched all five episodes back to back. The only issue I took with the episodes thus far is that they are too short thirty minutes feels like a cram job, these people had much more to say, maybe the episodes were cut quite a bit causing the short duration or maybe it was the editors choice but I think they could have been much longer or at the very least consist of multiple parts for some of the deeper movies like ‘The Exorcist’.

At the end of the day I still highly suggest that you watch Cursed Films, its an extraordinary ride through the history of horror and the mystery that may or may not exist around the films. You will have to watch to find out.

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