Review of the Horror Short ‘The Nurturing’

Remember when you were young and you had that overwhelming fear that something was hiding under your bed just waiting for you to fall asleep? You never dared lift the covers to look for fear you might be right.

This fear is what Lockbridge Productions taps into in their new seven-minute horror short, ‘The Nurturing,’ which follows Daniel, who, after sustaining an injury, returns to his childhood bedroom. It is there that he is faced with the possibility that his childhood fears might have been justified.

The film, directed by Alex DiVincenzo, stars Anthony Gaudette, Marty Smith, and Hannah Fierman (V/H/S). Along with serving as the film’s director, DiVincenzo co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Perkins.

YouTube video

The short video relied on subtle gestures to deliver its message rather than attempting to scare the audience with a physical being. It was effective in its ability to convey a sense of uneasiness in the viewer, as it uses the viewer’s imagination against them. Often, in horror, what we imagine is far scarier than anything we see on screen. It is especially effective in this case, as the film is ultimately about our childhood fears coming to life.

The film is definitely worth your time and reinforces that there are still so many good and original ideas out there. 

The seven-minute horror short is currently available on Lockbridge Productions’ YouTube channel, along with Lockbridge Productions’ previous films, ‘Root of All Evil’ (48 Hour Film Project winner), ‘Trouser Snake,’ and ‘Be Us’ (Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award nominee).

The link to Lockbridge Productions’ YouTube Channel is provided below.

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