Last Orders

‘Last Orders’ short Horror Film Review

“You are the architect of your own heaven and hell.” Watching Last Orders, the new short film from Jon James Smith, I couldn’t help but wonder what his first full-length feature might be like? I say that because based on what I watched in Last Orders I would anticipate something …

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The Barn 2021

‘The Barn’ Announced by Pomme Productions

The Barn 2021, is a new short psychological horror film, that has been making appearances to screens around North America, created by Damon Nash White. Press Release Pomme Productions is proud to announce their upcoming psychological short horror film, The Barn. Due for release on October 28, the 18-minute film features lead …

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Review of the Horror Short ‘The Nurturing’

Remember when you were young and you had that overwhelming fear that something was hiding under your bed just waiting for you to fall asleep? You never dared lift the covers to look for fear you might be right. This fear is what Lockbridge Productions taps into in their new …

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Billy Movie

Billy 2019 – Short [Review]

The short film Billy is very creepy and over far too quickly. It revolves around recent homeowners Steve Delgado (Scott) & Michelle Gernon (Mia). The couple purchases a home with a questionable history for below market value and come across an antique doll in a closet. There are a few …

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